Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Follow a Stand In on the Sets of Films and TV Shows

I'm a big fan of Twitter, which is the beautifully simple text-based update community that allows you to share the mundane and profound details of your life as it happens. You can update things via the web, chat, or from your phone. With a 140 character limit it forces you to get to the point and there are great Twitters out there. To get a sense of life on a film set from a stand in you can follow the always entertaining glimpses provided by the anonymous Stand In. Follow him or her on Twitter and you'll be able to get a sense of the never-ending excitement and fast-paced life of those working in the industry.

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"Daddy Why" Voted Best Overall Film

Screen Arts graduate Dawn Boyd's short film "Daddy Why" was voted "Best Overall Film" at the April 2008 WILDsound Film Festival in Toronto. The film also features graduate Kevin Fraser as one of the leads in the quirky film where a young father explains death to his eight-year-old daughter. You can watch "Daddy Why" online at the WILDsound site.

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